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FxDAO's monthly update (July 2023)

· 2 min read

Welcome to Soroban preview 10: It's the end of July and Soroban Preview 10 is already here, it's said that with this latest preview, we won't see major changes from now on because most of the required tech is now included in Soroban…

And this includes the new State Expiration logic, something completely new in the blockchain space, and what seems to be the solution for the bloat issues that affect all the blockchains but it seems no one wants to admit it.

New preview, more refactors

This new preview includes the new expiration logic and more changes in the Rust SDK, we also have more clear limits numbers for smart contracts and that means multiple changes need to be done… because of this July was a month of refactors, refactors and more refactors.

This is not new and is not something we feel is a bad thing, working on an early-stage system means that you need to face these refactors along the way. With the new limits we also need to re-think a little how we are planning to do the distribution of the governance tokens, we wanted to do it in the most decentralized way but it looks like we might want to use a more efficient way… But there is still a lot of time to think about this so nothing to be aware of.

A "boring" month

This month was "boring" if we see it from the point of view that we didn't complete new features and instead, we are refactoring what we already have… But that's not fully accurate, the truth is that we also developed a new contract which will be the "Stable Liquidity Pools" and will be deployed once we have completed the refactors/redesign of the protocol.

You can read a little about this new pool here here, but in general, is just a type of liquidity pool where people can provide stablecoins so others can swap them just like any other liquidity pool… With the difference that in this case, the pairs are always 1:1.

Next month should have more fun!

That's the update for this month but we are sure next month will include more news 🙌. We keep working on the protocol and we are every month a little closer, get ready 😎