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FxDAO's Q4 2023 update

ยท 4 min read

Yeap, it's now a quarterly update: It's been a few months already since our last update and there are multiple news we want to share with you!

From monthly to quarterly updatesโ€‹

As you can already see, we are moving from monthly updates to quarterly reviews. The goal is to give more updates at the same time so is easier to understand all the work done for specific features. We aim to give them at the middle of each quarter but it could change if there is work we believe we can finish before the quarter ends.

Testnet has arrivedโ€‹

Soroban was deployed to testnet near the end of September and that meant more changes were introduced with the good news that from that day, breaking changes shouldn't be that common... Unfortunately, we faced more issues with our contracts and we thought we had to update them so we even tried to reduce the size of the contracts... but it turned out to be just a bug with the standalone image.

We lost a few weeks with that but there wasn't more to do than just fix everything and continue :D BUT FxDAO is now available on testnet! ๐Ÿ™Œ connect your wallet and mint some stablecoins here

A brand-new websiteโ€‹

If you're reading this, you already know we have a new website ;) but just in case you're asking yourself "Why?"... Well, the goal with FxDAO is to make it so at some point is fully community-managed at the point that it doesn't even need us, that means we need to avoid third-party services as much as possible. Our old documentation website and our blog/newsletter were hosted by two separate third-party services, now with this new website all three: site, blog, and docs are saved in the same server and its code will be public at this github repo

We copied all the information from old sites and added them to this one so nothing should be missing... But if you find something that's missing just let us know! ๐Ÿ‘€

A new Javascript SDK for the protocolโ€‹

Another piece of software we made since the last update is the "FxDAO-SDK-JS" package! If you check our current roadmap you will see that for phase 3 we want to enable the rewards for those who integrate the protocol into their apps.

The goal with this is reaching a bigger amount of interfaces users could use, most DAOs out there always claim to try to be as decentralized as possible, but the amount of protocols that reward others so they reach a bigger decentralization is almost none so they can say they are decentralized but... if the only option to interact with the protocol is the one they host, is that really decentralized? ;)

Currently, the SDK makes it easy to interact with the Vaults and Safety pool contracts, we will be adding the interfaces to interact with the Stable LP and Governance contracts too once they have been deployed. If you are curious and want to start integrating the protocol into your app, you can download the SDK at this repo

Our official discord server!โ€‹

Now that we are near the launch of the protocol, we started a new discord server where we will make announcements and also where the community will be able to discuss future updates to the protocol. You can enter into the server by clicking here

See you in the next post!โ€‹

It's been a challenging year, many changes and many refactors... But here we are! We are still working and getting ready for Soroban mainnet ๐Ÿ’ช