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Welcome to the official documentation for the FxDAO project!

FxDAO is a decentralized borrowing protocol which allows the issuance of stablecoins on the Stellar Network thanks to Soroban Smart Contracts. Users can lock Lumens into the protocol and receive stablecoins for a percentage of the value locked.

By doing this we unlock multiple use cases and solve some issues the space has suffered like lack of transparency from stablecoins issuers where only a few are trusted by the community.

FxDAO is also designed and structured from the ground with the idea of being as decentralized as the law allows it and because of that the entity behind it, it's structured in a way its token holders have true voting power in the direction of the protocol... A better DAO!

Check the documentation and learn all the details about this protocol

Still early development

FxDAO is still in early development, changes might occur to the protocol during this process. All updates will be published into this documentation but always following two realities: Decentralization and fairness.

Values with an asterisk are proposed values and could change during the development.

This documentation is a work in progress.